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  • The restaurant specializes in fish and meat
    Pizzeria, Cellar to the Ferrara beaches

    Restaurant with a wide choice of specialties Fish, Meat, Pizzeria and Cantina in Lido di Spina

    The Restaurant Pizzeria Harold is 50 meters from the canal that divides the Logonovo Comacchio from Lido di Spina, near the sea. It began in the 60 years since then is one of the most popular of Lidos of Comacchio, a destination for those who, over the quality and service looking for a comfortable and welcoming environment.

    It is located on the main street of Lido di Spina, one of the most popular Beaches of Ferrara. Inside the room, elegantly furnished, you have the possibility to choose from a cuisine based on fish, a type of cooking meat, or choose a good pizza. All this is accompanied by a fine selection of Italian wines through a wine cellar inside the room.

    For information and bookings please contact us: info@ristorantearoldo.com

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